Inteplast operates a compact and diversified color concentrates, additives and compounds production facility as part of our AmTopp division. We supply all of our own Lolita, Texas operations with compounds and concentrates for various applications. For customers, we provide a wide array of value-added products, consistent in quality and low in cost. In addition to our standard offerings, AmTopp works with customers to develop successful custom products.

White Concentrates

We offer pure and filled white concentrates, including titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate.

Color Concentrates

Color concentrates are manufactured in a spectrum of standard colors. We also offer specialty color concentrates to meet our customers' individual needs.


AmTopp manufactures additive packages-including slip, antiblock, antistatic, antioxidant, UVI, PA and various combinations—for all applications, including injection molding and casting.


AmTopp manufactures reinforced color and natural PE and PP compounds, with fiberglass, calcium carbonate and talc at different loadings for all applications.

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