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AmTopp Stretch Wrap

AmTopp stretch wrap film is produced in Lolita, Texas, at the largest single-production site in the United States. As a division of Inteplast Group, we produce the most cost-effective, high-performance products in the industry and use the most technologically advanced equipment and superior raw materials. AmTopp manufactures machine wrap, hand wrap and specialty films for our customers.

Machine Wrap
Machine stretch wrap designed for high speed and automated operations. We offer regular high-performance machine wrap, X-Treme machine wrap and lower-gauge highly engineered LoadStar machine wrap to accommodate all applications and load types.

Hand Wrap
Hand stretch wrap designed for easy application and strength. We offer conventional hand wrap, stiff hand wrap and our highly engineered, high-performance series, LoadStar.

Specialty Films
Both machine wrap and hand wrap with UV protection and in various colors for your special applications.

AmTopp Stretch Hand Wrap is cast process produced which offers superior clear and.........
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