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Integrated Bagging Systems Bread and Bakery Bags

Bread and Bakery Bags Inteplast bread and bakery bags are made out of LLDPE film and are FDA compliant for food service, storage and handling. IBS currently carries five stock sizes, with gussetted features.


  • Compact packaging saves you counter and shelf space
  • Quality LLDPE resins create an ultra-clear plastic, so it's easy to identify contents
  • Quick-dispensing design allows easy access and reduces waste
  • All products are FDA-approved for safe food service, storage and handling
  • 100% prime virgin resin

Unique Packaging Dispensing Features

  • Dispense bags from top or front of box
  • Easy bag access, even when boxes are stacked
  • Exact carton size packaging
  • UPS barcode
  • Strong and compact packaging

Case per Pallet Configuration
Inteplast case per pallet configuration is based on a standard pallet size of 40" x 48" and our state-of-the-art automated warehouse cell storage specifications. Each product and its configuration is evaluated by IBS packaging engineers to maximize stability during loading, unloading and transit.


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