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Inteplast Drawtape trash bags are available in a variety of sizes, and are manufactured with three layers of co-extruded film, making them extremely strong and tear resistant. We also offer “Flex” embossed Drawtape Bags. All of our Drawtape Trash Bags are made from FDA-approved 100% prime resin raw material. Our Drawtape Bags are manufactured in Lolita, TX at high quality levels that meet and exceed NBE National Brand Equivalent standards. With HDPE bi-fold drawtape, our Drawtape Bags have more loading capacity than standard trash bags.


· Co-Extruded Film -Three layers of linear low-density film are laminated together for enhanced quality and strength.

· Interleaved Coreless Roll

98% of our trash bags are rolled in interleaved groups, so the user can easily dispense individual bags without tearing. They release effortlessly right from the carton, leaving the next bag ready to use.

· To prevent leakage, Inteplast Drawtape Trash Bags include a straight seal along two sides of the liner with no bottom seal.

· Compact packaging provides freight and labor efficiencies.