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Being green doesn't mean you forego economic success. We fund a lot of initiatives by developing viable products that are self-sustaining.

Today's consumer wants an effective and sustainable approach to protecting our environment. We believe that undertaking parallel initiatives demonstrate respect for the earth and contribute to fi nancial success - wins for both the earth and the company.

Inteplast is taking a proactive approach to socially responsible behavior. By leveraging our extensive research and development capabilities we are providing innovative products and solutions which positively impact the environment, reduce waste, and conserve natural resources.

In addition to our many advanced and resourceful plastics product solutions currently in use and those under development, Inteplast is committed to sustainability in all areas. Below is a glimpse of other initiatives we have undertaken to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • We are recognized by the State of Texas for water resource management techniques.

  • We treat our water and wastewater without the use of chlorine.

  • Solid waste audits are regularly performed at each operating unit.

  • Installed lighting systems to provide increased lumens with less energy.

  • Shuttle buses provide transportation for 325 employees per day and replace more than 120 vehicles on the road.

  • The elastomeric roof surfaces we are installing, will reduce ambient temperatures in the buildings and thus energy consumption.

  • We make use of ozone destruct units in our manufacturing operations.

  • More than 700 trees were planted on the Lolita plant site.

  • Our energy management program for mechanical systems reduced energy consumption substantially.

Our Inteplast representative would be happy to discuss these issues, as well as our expansive portfolio of plastics solutions. Please visit our web site at for further details and contact information.

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