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Going Green

Going Green
Inteplast commitment to the environment.

Living Green
The facts about plastic and paper manufacturing.

Being Green
Sustainability at Inteplast.

Global Sustainability
Contributing to a World of Sustainability

Our Inteplast Group and affiliated companies are strongly committed to protecting the environment in all aspects of our operations and to enhancing ecological awareness through our communications—reflecting our social and moral sense of obligation to promote the wellbeing of the environment and the world in which we live. These values represent an extension of our core belief that calls for all business activities to be sustainable in order to be everlasting, for in our minds, both economic and environmental health go hand in hand. It is thus our collective responsibility to adopt effective measures that help conserve all natural resources.

Towards this end, our products have been designed to minimize feedstock consumption or to provide an alternative to the use of precious natural resources. Moreover, every one of our processes is and will be built with efficient recycling to fully utilize all feedstock and to allow us to aim for zero waste at all times. In addition to fully complying with all applicable environmental laws as set forth by governmental agencies, we have and will continue to minimize the consumption and waste of raw materials including feedstock, packaging substrates, energy, and water. Appropriate actions will be taken to design and engineer processes that require even fewer resources. All waste items are carefully scrutinized and programs are established for the effective re-use or recycling of those items. For all our facilities, we have adopted and will continue to promote the concept of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover”. The continuous process optimization promoted throughout Inteplast must necessarily take into account tangible measures that can minimize waste in all areas and that can emphasize sustainable packaging, energy and water management, and climate protection. We encourage all our team members to embrace locally relevant as well as group wide improvement initiatives that will make us a better manufacturing organization and at the same time enhance and attune our organization to our mission of protecting the environment.

To further accomplish these objectives, we have established clear and well documented systems and procedures that address each step in the manufacturing process. These standardized systems and procedures—enabling us to achieve optimal manufacturing and environmental efficiencies—are provided to all employees by means of a robust training system. They enable us to determine specific goals by person and by department that are then compared with detailed data informing not only on past and current production performance but also material consumption and waste. Appropriate actions are then taken to steer each unit towards accomplishing the agreed upon goals. Accomplishing our environmental goals is the responsibility not only of management but of everyone in this organization through the daily focus exerted on standard practices and environmental stewardship.

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