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Living Green

Going Green
Inteplast commitment to the environment.

Being Green
Sustainability at Inteplast.

Corporate Policy
Environmental Corporate Policy

Global Sustainability
Contributing to a World of Sustainability
How to make green living choices in ways that solve, rather than cause, social and environmental problems.

About Plastic

  • Plastic is made from a byproduct of oil and natural gas refining, using a substance that would otherwise be discarded.
  • Discarded plastic bags occupy less landfill space:

    2,000 plastic bags weigh less than 30 lbs
    2,000 paper bags weigh 280 lbs

  • More than 4 times the energy is used to make a paper bag, than a plastic bag:

    Plastic: 594 BTUs
    Paper: 2,511 BTUs

  • It takes 98% less energy to recycle a pound of plastic than a pound of paper:

    Plastic: 17 BTUs
    Paper: 1,444 BTUs

  • Plastic bag production does not generate toxic chemicals leading to acid rain and water pollution - but paper bag production does.

About Paper

  • 14 million trees are cut down annually to make the 10 billion paper bags Americans use each year.

  • Paper is recyclable, but uses toxic chemicals to turn it into pulp. It is then used primarily in corrugated cardboard, not new bags. New bags are made from virgin pulp because of greater strength and elasticity.

  • Although paper is biodegradable, 95% of it is buried in a landfill where it does not receive sufficient water, light, and oxygen to biodegrade.

  • Sixty percent of paper bags that do end up in land fills are unable to decompose and release methane gas, which contributes 23 times more to global warming over a 100 year span, than carbon dioxide.

  • Paper products are the largest single component of municipal solid waste.

  • Of any sector in the national economy -- the paper industry is the largest consumer of clean water.

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