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AmTopp To Increase Concentrates Production Capacity

LIVINGSTON, N.J., May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Plastic concentrates manufacturer, AmTopp, a division of Inteplast Group, is planning to increase production to meet shorter lead times being demanded by the market. The company has purchased a new Farrel CP 1000 continuous mixer that is a duplicate of one already on-line.

With the new equipment, Amtopp’s 120,000 square-foot concentrates plant in Lolita, TX, will have seven extrusion lines with an annual capacity of 68 million pounds.

“We are excited about the installation and expect the new capacity for concentrates to be available in the first quarter of 2015,” says Homer Hsieh, President, AmTopp. “Farrel continuous mixers offer versatility and excellent control and dispersion for superior product quality, especially when working with high performance additives.”

AmTopp manufactures and sells a wide variety of additive concentrates including UV stabilizers, process aids, slip agents, anti block and highly loaded filled materials, and a full range of white and color concentrates.

“We find that our highly loaded white color compounds are in especially high demand and the continuous mixer is perfect for white concentrates and performance additives of the highest quality for film, thermoforming, injection and blow molding and more,” says Kevin Hicks, Sales Manager, AmTopp Concentrates.

“We provide cost-effective additive, concentrate and compound solutions used in the manufacturing of polypropylene or polyethylene films and a full range of injection molded and blow molded products for most industries, be it packaging, automotive, building products and more,” says Hicks.

Based in Livingston, New Jersey, AmTopp offers more than twenty years of additive, concentrates and compound manufacturing expertise, a dedicated regional sales team, state of the art laboratory and highly knowledgeable support staff. The company uses both twin-screw extruders and continuous mixers to manufacture custom and commodity products. AmTopp  is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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