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Howard Kirschenbaum Selected as PLMA’s Chairman



June 3, 2014—Inteplast Group’s How- ard Kirschenbaum, Trinity Plas c’s Vice President of Sales, was elected as Pri- vate Label Manufacturers Associa on’s (PLMA’s) new Chairman of the Board on March 29, 2014.


The appointment as head of the 350-member–plus organiza on is a huge achievement for Kirschenbaum, who became a PLMA board member six years ago and worked his way up the ladder to second vice chair, vice chair, and then chairman. In modest fashion, Kirschen-baum was eager to talk more about how the new posi on would bene t Inteplast
Group and the other non-food manufactures in PLMA, where most members are food manufacturers (the big- ger industry), e.g., private-label canned goods.


“It’s a milestone for Trinity and the other non-food manufactures in private label,” said Kirschenbaum. “The organiza on is a li le unused to having a non-food chairman, but change is good and it’s going well.”


Trinity Plas cs, a reputable but rela vely small company in the PLMA and private label industry, has been thrust into the spotlight with Kirschenbaum’s new posi on, and for the be er. “Way more people are no cing us now,” said Kirschenbaum. “We appear much bigger than we are, much more credible in the market now that I’m chairperson. The visibility is wonderful and I’m glad that I can give back to the company.”


The role of Kirschenbaum and Trinity Plas cs in the private label industry is to o er consumers and clients store-brand plas c trash bags, food contact bags, and other packaging products that are equal to or be er than the big brands out there. Private label gives consumers an a ordable choice and allows clients such as grocers to develop their own house brands. The PLMA provides private-label manufacturers like Trinity the opportunity to network in the industry, par cipate in trade shows, and collaborate on government regula ons with the backing of an organiza on.


Kirschenbaum hopes to a ract new members to PLMA during his reign, including bringing in more non-food industries such as health and beauty packaging to diversify the associa on.