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Inteplast Welcomes New Af liates at 2013 Alignment Meeting

Jan. 30 — The 2013 Corporate Alignment Meeting at Livingston, NJ Headquarters was Inteplast Group’s largest yet, with managers from new affiliate companies — Vifan, Minigrip, Fantapak, Pitt Plastics, LoneStar, Niaflex, Salerno, Matra Plast, and Hartman — introducing themselves to the 250+ employees in attendance. Dr. John Young, Group President, recapped last year’s success, including all three Divisions’ record sales and Inteplast’s jump to #4 in Plastic News’ rankings for plastic film and sheet manufacturers in North America. His message was to stay creative and think one step ahead, calling for every employee — from British Columbia to Florida — to take ownership of Inteplast and contribute their ideas to build a holistic company from the ground up.


Highlights of the event:

• Dr. Young discussed strategy in dealing with the competition, citing legendary football coach Bill Parcells (hint: “solid defense is the best offense”).

Kurt Strater and Roger Sullivan from Salerno demonstrated their new Morton Salt “EZTear Embossed” bags (hint: third times the charm!).

• Todd O’Reilly from Vifan showed off one of Inteplast’s new clients (hint: they’re part of Coca-Cola Co. and have “vitamin” and “water” in their brand name).

BrendaWilson,DirectorofCorporateHumanResources & Communications, quizzed the audience on how many employees now make up Inteplast (hint: 4,507!).


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