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Inteplast Welcomes New Class of MCUT Interns



October 24, 2013 — Students from Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT), Taiwan landed in Houston, TX on September 21, ready to start their year-long internship at Inteplast Group’s Lolita complex. is is the third year
in the successful work-study program between Inteplast and MCUT, which was started in 2011 when Group President Dr. John Young, who serves as chairman of the board of trustees at MCUT, initiated the idea a er observing that it would be bene cial for both Inteplast and the intern students.


Joseph Wang, Vice President of Ad- ministration, oversees the program and has found it to be successful over the years. Accord- ing to Wang, “ e students in this program are regarded as colleagues and are given meaning- ful work assignments. ey don’t just observe but actually become involved in the work ow of their respective plants or departments. When they return for their nal year of college they will be in a position to say they’ve had a year’s work experience in the United States.”


Many of Inteplast’s Lolita colleagues— such as M.C. Wu, Director of Utilities and James Deng, Director of AmTopp Mainte-nance — are alumni of MCUT, a highly regard-ed technical institute in Taiwan, and look a er the students during the stay. Local colleagues also get involved, introduc- ing Texas customs like football, barbeque, and American holidays to the interns.


This year’s six students were chosen a er being interviewing by Inteplast managers from AmTopp, IBS, and Utilities through Skype. e new interns, who start- ed work on September 23, are Wei-Chih (James) Huang, electrical engineer for AmTopp Plant Maintenance; Hsuan (Je ) Lee, electrical engineer for AmTopp Auto Systems; I-Lai (Tommy) Fang , electrical engineer for IBS TCL; Yu- Chia (Charles) Chen, electrical engineer for IBS Produce; Ching-Kai (Alan) Su, safety, health and environmental engineer for Inteplast Utilities; and Hsiang-Ning (Nickie) Chang, technical engineer for IBS Technical.


The students have so far been adapting quickly to their new jobs in America, with their managers happy to have them on board. Andy Lu, IBS Produce, Extrusion, and Co-Extrusion Manager, and Henry Lin, IBS Technical Manager, have used MCUT interns in their departments since the program started three years ago.


Lu explained that the students come eager to learn and are matched to the right job through pre-screening and video interviews, which are conducted in English. “ ey’re a great asset to the team. You can train them and they have the knowledge and curiosity to learn.” Lu structures his

work assignments for the interns so that they can under- stand the job’s background engineering and designs, such as project planning and how each machine is constructed.

“I want them to learn how something works, not just assign routine maintenance work,” he added. “We assign them various projects so they learn about the whole plant, not just a single task.”

Lu, who is bilingual in English and Chinese, also makes sure to have the students go out and communicate with English-speaking colleagues. “If they need to talk to someone about a job, I tell them not to come to me but to go out and ask that person. A er about three months they get comfortable speaking English and it becomes uent for them. is way they get the full experience of working in America.”

Lin echoed Lu’s assessment of the intern program. “It’s been going very well. A er some initial training, you can assign the students any job and they can work inde- pendently; they learn quickly. ese are the top students from their university and all of them are always a pleasure to have on your team.”


Inteplast prides itself on being a global company. e MCUT work-study program is proving to be a great ad- dition toward this concept. On behalf of Inteplast, Welcome MCUT interns!