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AquaPerm Paver™ Benefits

Why choose World-Pak's AquaPerm Paver™ for your next project?

  • Save Space: AquaPerm Paver™ drains so well, there's no need for a detention pond. Spare land can be better used for buildings or green spaces.
  • Save Money: AquaPerm Paver™ eliminates the need for a drainage system.
  • Environmentally Friendly: AquaPerm Paver™ can help in earning green credits (SS6, SS7 and MR4) in the LEED Rating System.
  • Curb Appeal: AquaPerm Paver's various shapes, colors and patterns are designed to complement any home and enhance neighborhood character.
  • Comfort and Safety: AquaPerm Paver™ is comfortable to walk on, and its high-friction surface makes it perfect for pedestrian and driving pavement.