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IntePlus® Construction Film

Inteplus layered on top of Asphalt roofing material and release paperVapor Barrier in construction

IntePlus® Construction Film is strong and sturdy, and resists tearing, snags and punctures.

IntePlus® Construction Film is an extremely rugged material that will perform in almost any environment at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 82°C (-40°F to 180°F). It is completely moisture resistant and retains 100% strength when wet.

IntePlus® Construction Film has been widely used as Vapor Barrier Film in construction under the brand of Barrier-Bac. Please visit for further information. IntePlus® Construction Film can be used as a face liner for waterproofing membrane and flashing tape

The strength of IntePlus® is the best solution when the job calls for a strong, tough and puncture-resistant film. IntePlus® has been used in landfill liners and caps, impoundments, secondary containment and mining sites. IntePlus® Construction Film can also be laminated with other substrates for high-performance environmental liners, or as a structure layer for Geosynthetic Clay liners.

IntePlus® Construction Film can be natural, opaque and custom printed up to 6 colors to include product identification or company logos. IntePlus® Construction Film can be produced un-printed up to 180" wide or printed up to 130" wide.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner - Before  Geosynthetic Clay Liner - After