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IntePlus® Industrial Wrap

IntePlus® provides the puncture and tear resistance to meet or exceed the performance of other packaging or wrap films. IntePlus® is an extrememly rugged material that will perform in almost any environment with temperatures ranging from -40°C to 82°C (-40°F to 180°F). It is completely moisture resistant and retains its strength when wet.

When an extrememly tough wrapping film is needed, World-Pak IntePlus® is the material of choice. IntePlus® has been widely used for heavy-duty lumber wrap, furniture packaging and metal components.

IntePlus® Protective Lumber Wrap is a strong, opaque film that protects lumber from the sun's rays. The wrap's black interior blocks the sun's rays and prevents heat build-up and harmful condensation from staining the wood. The white exterior reflects the sunlight and provides a clear printable surface for product identification or a company logo.

IntePlus® Mattress/Furniture Packaging is designed for protection against post-manufacturing damage and excessive handling.

XF Film Industrial Wrap protecting wood and matresses

IntePlus® with a VCI additive layer prevents rust and corrosion of metal, making it the ideal packaging material for metal products, such as coils, metal sheets, general machinery and cable wheels.

XF Film Industrial Wrap prevents corrosion

IntePlus®, made with solid polyethelene does not peel or shred like PP woven material, making it a preferred choice for the synthetic fiber industries. IntePlus® is a superior wrapping material used on the Lummus and Autefa packing machines at polyester fiber plants.