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IntePlus® Home-Mate™ Undersiding

Home-Mate™ Undersiding made with IntePlus® has become the leading brand in the mobile home and RV industries. Its strength and protection make it a top choice among industry leaders.

Vapor Barrier Properties
Home-Mate™ Undersiding is a solid, continuous film with low moisture vapor transmission. Unlike woven materials, Home-Mate™ Undersiding does not peel, shred or break to cause leaks. Home-Mate™ Undersiding offers maximum vapor barrier protection against water that can damage walls and floors and encourage mold growth.

Cross-Laminated Strength
Home-Mate™ Undersiding is produced from multiple plies of specially formulated, coextruded polyethylene films that are laminated at opposing angles. The patented manufacturing process produces a film with exceptional tensile strength, highly resistant to tearing and puncturing. Home-Mate™ Undersiding eliminates small tears and holes, preventing big repair jobs.

Easy Installation
Home-Mate™ Undersiding is sturdy enough to withstand the traffic abuse caused by workmen during the installation of wiring, plumbing and insulation.

Roll Availability
Home-Mate™ Undersiding is available in layflat and folded rolls in widths from 148" to 225", and lengths of 1,500 feet and 3,000 feet per roll.

IntePlus XF Film for RVs and Mobile Homes