Stretch Films

Strength and Efficiency

The most common stretch films are made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and are used for unitizing product loads for transport. Stretch film yields relatively high holding forces when applied properly to loads. They protect from dust and damage and is the most economical method of unitizing.

Machine Film

We offer EP, a premium value performance machine film; EH X-Treme, a high performance machine film; as well as lower gauge, engineered, ultra-high performance machine films – Apex (AM) and LoadStar Plus (EL).

Hand Film

Designed for easy application and strength, our hand stretch film comprises conventional hand film, stiff hand film, and our high-performance series, LoadStar and Pallet Lock.

Specialty Film

Inteplast offers tinted colors in both machine film and hand film. Select from machine and hand film with UV protection that incorporates an ultra violet inhibitor.

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