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Inteplast Group is a North American manufacturer that takes pride in sustaining hundreds of industries and the livelihoods of thousands of professionals who reside across this vast continent. In fact, our story goes back more than a quarter of a century.

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United States Beginnings

Twenty-five years ago we were founded upon a strong belief in the American workforce and its abilities to manufacture world class products in the United States. Over time Inteplast Group grew to encompass locations beyond the U.S. and North America but we still always harken back to our humble beginnings in Lolita, Texas, where we built our flagship location.

Bigger, Better in Texas

The remote South Texas land upon which we built our plants and offices in 1991 was convenient for the construction space it afforded us and we also didn’t have the typical zoning restrictions. We were fortunate, too, in that we accessed cost-efficient utility services, among the lowest in North America.

A Culture Built on Trust

It was during this time in the early 1990s that we also came to discover the culture of our hard-working colleagues in the area and their surrounding South Texas communities. This created an opportunity for local and regional partnerships built on trust.

Sustaining a Workforce

Eventually Inteplast’s growing position as a leader in domestic manufacturing allowed us to ensure that even through the recessions, we remained firmly anchored stateside in Texas. At the time, this maverick-like stance was in contrast to other companies that elected to lay off their professionals and shutter their American operations with the intention of reopening and starting anew outside of the United States.

A Leader in Manufacturing

Today, Inteplast Group comprises more than 50 locations in North America and maintains a culture that integrates transparency, capacity, innovation, and continuous improvement. We aim to contribute to various markets throughout the world in a manner that respects the needs of our workforce, a global economy, and a planet with resources that must sustained.

Our History
March 1991
New Location: Inteplast Group
The location for Inteplast's corporate headquarters was established in Livingston, NJ.
August 1992
New Location: IBS
In Lolita, TX, Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS) was launched to make merchandise, produce, and garment bags along with can liners and among other products from blown polyethylene film.
September 1992
New Location: AmTopp
Inteplast's AmTopp Division was established in Lolita, TX.
February 1993
New Location: BOPP Films
AmTopp’s BOPP plant started its first line in Lolita, TX.
March 1993
New Location: Profile
The Profile plant was established Lolita, TX.
March 1994
New Location: PVC
The PVC plant and warehouse was built in Lolita, TX.
June 1995
New Location: XF Films
The XF Films plant was established in Lolita, TX.
October 1995
New Location: Concentrates
The Concentrates plant was built in Lolita, TX.
February 1997
New Location: BOPP Films
A second BOPP plant was established in Lolita, TX.
April 2007
Acquistion: IBS
The plant in North Dighton, MA, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
April 2007
Acquisition: IBFC
Inteplast Bags and Films Corporation (IBFC) was launched via the acquisition of PCL Packaging’s Delta, BC division.
February 2008
Acquisition: IBFC
The Saint John, NB division of PCL Packaging was acquired and added to IBFC.
December 2010
Acquistion: Matra Plast
Matra Plast in Berthierville, QC, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
December 2010
Acquisition: LoneStar Plastics, Inc.
LoneStar Plastics, Inc. in Garland, TX, and Prattville, AL, was acquired.
January 2011
Acquisition: Niaflex Corporation
Inteplast Group acquired assets in Orlando, FL, to form a new business, Niaflex Corporation.
April 2011
Acquisition: Salerno Packaging
Salerno Packaging, with locations in Châteauguay, QC, and Plattsburgh, NY, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
June 2011
Acquisition: ViAm Films
Inteplast Group acquired assets in Morristown, TN, and Lanoraie, QC, to form a new business, ViAm Films.
July 2011
Acquisition: Pinnacle Films
Pinnacle Films in Charlotte, NC, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
July 2012
Acquisition: Fantapak
Fantapak in Livonia, MI, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
July 2012
Acquisition: Minigrip Commercial
Minigrip Commercial in Kennesaw, GA, was acquired by Inteplast Group before moving to Alpharetta, GA.
July 2012
Acquisition: Minigrip
Minigrip was acquired by Inteplast Group with locations in Seguin, TX, and Thailand.
September 2012
Acquisition: Pitt Plastics
Pitt Plastics with locations in Columbus, OH; Morrow, GA; and Pittsburg, KS, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
November 2012
Acquisition: P&O Packaging
P&O Packaging in Dalton, GA, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
August 2013
New Location: AmTopp
Inteplast acquired a warehousing and manufacturing site in Houston, TX.
August 2013
Acquisition: Trinity Plastics
Inteplast Group acquired assets in Armonk, NY; Lewistown, PA; and Pueblo, CO, to form a new business, Trinity Plastics.
August 2013
Acquisition: IP Moulding, Inc.
Inteplast Group acquired assets in Middlebury, IN, to form a new business, IP Moulding, Inc.
March 2014
Acquisition: W. Ralston
W. Ralston's operations in Brampton, ON; Drumheller, AB; and St. Laurent, QC, were acquired by Inteplast Group.
May 2014
Expansion: AmTopp
Stretch film operations began in Houston, TX.
May 2014
New Location: AmTopp
The AmTopp Division acquired a new manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ.
June 2014
Acquistion: Medegen Medical Products
The patient care division of Medical Action Industries Inc., with locations in Clarksburg, WV; Gallaway, TN; and Hauppauge, NY, was acquired by Inteplast Group and renamed Medegen Medical Products.
July 2014
Rebranding: Inteplast Healthcare
The IBS Healthcare business unit in Livingston, NJ, was rebranded as Inteplast Healthcare comprising products from Minigrip Commercial, a portion of Pitt Plastics, and Medegen Medical Products.
August 2014
Acquisition: Coroplast
Coroplast, with locations in Granby, QC, and Vanceburg, KY, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
February 2015
Acquisition: AmTopp
The AmTopp Division acquired assets in Gray Court, SC.
March 2015
Acquisition: Haremar
Assets of El-En Packaging Company and Haremar Plastic Manufacturing Limited located in Vaughn, ON, was acquired by Inteplast Group.
March 2015
Rebranding: Inteplast Building Products
Both IP Moulding, Inc. in Middlebury, IN, and the PVC plant in Lolita, TX were rebranded as parts of the Inteplast Building Products business unit.
May 2015
Acquisition: Danafilms Corporation
Inteplast Group acquired assets in Westborough, MA, to form a new business, Danafilms Corporation.
September 2015
New Location: AmTopp
An additional manufacturing site in Phoenix, AZ, was acquired the AmTopp Division.
September 2015
New Location: IBS
AmTopp's manufacturing site in Phoenix, AZ, (acquired in 2014) was transferred to the IBS Division.
November 2015
Rebranding: Inteplast Engineered Films
P&O Packaging in Dalton, GA; LoneStar Plastics, Inc. in Garland, TX, and Prattville, AL; and Niaflex Corporation in Orlando, FL, were all rebranded as part of the Inteplast Group's Engineered aFilms business unit.
January 2016
Expansion: AmTopp
A second BOPP production line was installed in Gray Court, SC.
January 2016
Expansion: Inteplast Engineered Films
A new nine-layer line was installed in Dalton, GA.
May 2016
Acquisition: MTI Polyexe Incorporated
MTI & Polyexe Corporation in Brentwood, NH, was acquired by Inteplast Group and renamed MTI Polyexe Incorporated.
May 2016
Expansion: Inteplast Sustainable Packaging
A new business unit, Inteplast Sustainable Packaging, located in Livingston, NJ, was formed comprising products from Coroplast, the Profile plant in Lolita, TX, and joint venture companies.
December 2016
Acquisition: Inteplast Building Products
Inteplast Group acquired assets in Cartersville, GA, and Glendale, WI, as part of Inteplast Building Products.
January 2017
Rebranding: Inteplast BOPP Films
AmTopp Division's ViAm Films in Morristown, TN, and Lanoraie, QC, along with its BOPP plants in Lolita, TX, and Gray Court, SC, were rebranded as Inteplast BOPP Films.
May 2017
Expansion: Matra Plast
Matra Plast installed a new polystyrene line in Berthierville, QC.
July 2017
Rebranding: Inteplast Engineered Films
Danafilms Corporation in Westborough, MA, was rebranded as part of the Inteplast Engineered Films business unit.
August 2017
Expansion: AmTopp
The stretch film plant’s expansion was completed in Charlotte, NC.
January 2018
Acquistion: PallCon
Inteplast acquired PallCon, formerly a joint venture company, based in Livingston, NJ.
February 2018
Expansion: IBS
New extrusion towers and converting equipment were completed and installed, respectively, in Phoenix, AZ.


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