Technical Specialty Films

Inteplast designs and manufactures a variety of unique engineered films. These include silicone coated release liners to protect pressure sensitive adhesives, anti-skid films to provide traction and safety, durable films for extreme outdoor exposure, and propriety patented films for specific applications.

Premier Supplier

Inteplast makes high quality engineered films for the building and construction, specialty tape, graphics and label, automotive and industrial markets.

Made in the U.S.A.

All products are manufactured in our Brentwood, New Hampshire facility and are customized for a particular process and end use. Our analytical laboratory capabilities are unsurpassed in the industry.

Customized Service

Our growth is the result of customer-focused, nimble, and innovative product development. Inteplast’s management, research, and customer service teams are always accessible and proactive.

Technical Specialty Films Release Liners
Technical Specialty Films Tpo Films
Technical Specialty Films Anti Skid Traction Films

Anti-Skid Traction Films

Inteplast makes the industry’s benchmark traction film also known as “friction film.” These anti-skid films are applied to the top surface of self-adhering membranes used under shingle, metal, and tile roofs. They provide weather and UV protection for 3 to 12 months until the final roof covering is installed. Our films ensure a safe, walkable surface for the roofing workers.

  • Any two-color combinations are available to match customer brand
  • UV stabilizer packages extend life
  • SpiderGrip™ Film has been patented for use as paint drop cloths and for surface protection