Value & High Quality

Our manufacturing facility in Texas is operated by production and engineering professionals who want to deliver the highest levels of quality to you. Inteplast’s value-added products, in addition to our extensive and diversified color concentrates, additives, and compounds are developed for optimal results.

A Spectrum of Color

We work with you to ensure that the color you need is on par with the standards for your product and brand.

Safety First

Inteplast keeps regulations, compliance, and safety at the forefront when making our concentrates.

Concentrates White Concentrates

White Concentrates

We offer pure and filled white and blue white concentrates, including titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate. Our white concentrates are formulated with prime functional pigments and various carrier resins (LLDPE and PP).

  • Superior dispersion and processing capability and compatibility
  • Up to 25% loading
  • Excellent dispersion properties for high-opacity applications including injection molding, BOPP film, blown and cast film, and more
  • White masterbatch is cost effective
Concentrates Color Concentrates

Color Concentrates

Inteplast manufactures standard as well as specialty color concentrates to meet our customers’ individual needs.

  • Excellent dispersion
  • Custom color matching
  • Stability performance
  • Outstanding processing capability
Concentrates Additives


Packages vary and include slip, antiblock, antistatic, antioxidant, UVI, polymer process aid (PPA), and various combinations for all applications, including injection molding.

  • High clarity
  • Low haze
  • Uniform particle size and dispersion
  • Excellent compatibility
Concentrates Compounds


Our fillers and compounds are mainly made with selected talc and fine, coated calcium carbonate. They are designed to improve the manufacturing process and reduce cost, as well as provide other functional properties.

  • Reinforced color and natural PE and PP compounds
  • Calcium carbonate and talc incorporated different loadings for all applications