What does Inteplast Group manufacture?

We manufacture thousands of plastics-based products, including items that are recyclable, and/or made from post-consumer resin. However, the products manufactured at our company have such a broad range of markets that we invite you to review those categories here, where you can find the area relevant to your needs, which will showcase the products affiliated within that niche.

If you would prefer to search according to products, then please go to this page, where you’ll have all of our product categories at your fingertips.

What kinds of manufacturing are used to make your products?

We make our products via blown film, injection molding, profiling, cast films, and compounding.

Are you solely a United States manufacturer or are there sites and affiliates elsewhere?

We are a manufacturer with the majority of our plants and offices located in the United States and Canada. We consider ourselves a North American manufacturer as most of our locations are within this continent. Although the majority of our sites are in the United States, our Canadian facilities are equally significant in contributing to our leading position in plastics manufacturing. We also have a Thailand facility, which is a sister plant to our Minigrip location in Seguin, Texas, as well as locations in Vietnam and Taiwan.

Are your products recyclable?

We produce bags, containers, and other items that are recyclable. Overall, with the exception of a few highly specialized items, the products made at Inteplast are fully recyclable.

What are you doing to reduce plastic waste?

We begin with ensuring that lean manufacturing is at the heart of our production practices. This means that we not only are mindful of reintroducing industrial scrap (rather than discarding it) into our extrusion process, we also keep our production floors clear of resin pellets as to not allow them to haphazardly end up in local and regional bodies of water. Our strategy for reducing waste doesn’t end with plastics, however, it extends into our practices with efficient use of utilities, space, and waste management, which includes reusing and recycling various resources.

What does the word Inteplast mean?

Inteplast is a hybrid of the two words “integration” and “plastic.”

I am a reporter/journalist and I am interested in speaking to someone for research I am doing. Who do I contact?

Please contact Senior Director of Communications Brenda Wilson via our News and Media page.

How do I buy your products?

On each page for our products there is an option that invites you to contact us via email. You may also call our headquarters at (800) 426-8677 or (973) 994-8000.

How do I access Transparency of Coverage information for the company’s group health insurance?


This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

What are the standard terms and conditions for Inteplast’s purchase orders?

For a PDF with the Group’s purchase order terms and conditions, please click here.