Our Environmental Focus

Meaningful Goals for Sustainability

Inteplast aims to continue minimizing its carbon footprint by educating staff and customers about why our products have sustainable value through reusability. We also facilitate operational and production practices that generate less waste.

High Standards

Maximizing production efficiency conserves resources.

More Than Manufacturing

Empowering our employees to serve and volunteer within surrounding communities.

Production Strategy

The 4Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose – are aligned with our lean manufacturing practices.

The recycling of plastic is the most effective way to combat adverse environmental impacts.

Pride in Sustainability

Cindy Ng

Management Analyst

Demand for eco-friendly alternatives in consumer products is on the rise and Inteplast is supporting this industry-wide trend with creative solutions.

Frances Zarate

Safety Coordinator

Since we make plastic and recycle, it only makes sense to produce reusable, durable packaging materials. I am proud to be part of a company that is closing the loop!

Janine Paley

Senior Marketing Manager

I am especially proud to be part of a company of people who banded together to provide support, supplies, and encouragement to coworkers affected by natural disasters.

Kay Morgan

Administrative Assistant

Inteplast encourages positive change within our group and beyond. If this can be done with respect and integrity then our achievements can be celebrated with honor.

Kim Rogers

National Sales Manager

Sustainability is less about branding and competitive advantage and more about social responsibility. We all want to increase productivity but sustainable practices are a must.

Mark Lichtblau

Vice President

I am proud to be part of company that is closing the loop on the plastics value chain by developing better production practices and engineering better products.

Trevor Luckemeyer


It makes me proud that we are not only focused on producing a quality product but also striving for a cleaner and more efficient process.

Global Sustainability at Inteplast

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Our Corporate Environmental Policy

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Our Commitment Continues to Evolve

At Inteplast, all main components of sustainability are addressed intentionally in every business decision.

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