Flexible Packaging

Inteplast has an array of multilayer films designed for your specific food packaging application. Whether you need a film with wide or standard seal range, high barrier, superior seal strength, high or low slip, anti-fog properties, and more, our technical team makes sure you have the most efficient and economical film.

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Bopp Flexible Packaging Snacks


Our snack films can be used for both the printable outer web and the sealable inner web in extrusion and adhesive laminations.

  • Clear, matte, solid white, metalized, and white metalized
  • Low and very low heat seal initiation temperatures
  • Moisture and oxygen barrier film choices
  • High and low slip selections
Bopp Flexible Packaging Bakery


Our films can be plain or printed and are available with a selection of different heat seal ranges to provide the most economical film to meet your requirements.

  • Clear, solid white, and cavitated white
  • Films for high speed mono-web
  • Laminated bakery applications
Bopp Flexible Packaging Confections And Frozen

Confections & Frozen Foods

Inteplast provides a variety of film types for applications in confectionary, chocolate items, granola bars, protein bars, ice cream novelties and frozen foods.

  • Clear slip cold-seal release films
  • Metalized cold-seal receptive films
  • White cavitated films for cold seal
  • White cavitated films for heat seal applications
Bopp Flexible Packaging Produce


We offer North America’s only dedicated product line of BOPP for the fresh cut produce market and manufacture more produce film choices than any other supplier. We have a film designed specifically for any application in this market segment.

  • Anti-fog properties to resist condensation buildup
  • Specified controlled ranges of oxygen transmission rates
  • Films designed with targeted lower oxygen barrier
Bopp Flexible Packaging Box Overwrap

Box & Carton Overwrap

We’ve engineered this film for tray and box overwrapping or bundling of food and non-food products.

  • Clear
  • Two-side sealable
  • Non-treated
Bopp Flexible Packaging Multi Wall

Multi-Wall Bags

This film is used as the outer web lamination for large woven bags.

  • Clear or matte
  • Non-heat sealable
  • Elevated static coefficient of friction (COF) to prevent bag slippage in stacking