Other Retail Solutions

If it’s plastic and you use it, chances are we supply it. Other retail supply solutions include can liners, cash bags, and pallet covers.

Grocery Other Supplies Lobster Bags

Lobster & Seafood Bags

Inteplast lobster bags showcase the quality and freshness of seafood at grocery stores, seafood restaurants and markets, and general supermarkets. Handles allow for easy carrying and the thick lining secures lobsters of different sizes, plus other seafood products. The design is specialized to keep lobsters fresh.

  • Protects against unwanted substances
  • Unique handles and thicker lining for greater strength
  • Custom-made sizes and logo up to 12 colors on 2 sides
  • French bilingual version
Grocery Other Can Liners

Can Liners

Inteplast Group offers high density (HDPE) and linear low density (LLDPE) liners, which are available perforated on a roll or interleaved for one-at-a-time dispensing. Inteplast also performs liner reviews for our customers, which result in time-efficient solutions and product cost savings.

  • Prime resins for superior quality
  • Source reducing product to promote environmental sensitivity
  • Star seal bottom allows easy receptacle removal
Grocery Other Supplies Lldpe Pallet Covers

LLDPE Pallet Covers

Inteplast provides custom pallet covers to protect your merchandise from the elements.

  • Provides protection for palletized loads from moisture, dust, and dirt during shipping and storage
  • Material is in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations
  • Perforated on rolls for easy dispensing
  • Customizable to fit any need
  • Available UVI additive makes it suitable for outside storage
  • Available in up to one color printing and in multiple film colors