High Density Liners

High density can liners are widely accepted in the market as an economy option. Among some of their features and benefits are that they possess an excellent odor and moisture barrier, plus very high dart impact and tensile strength.

Can Liners High Density Coreless Rolls

Coreless Rolls

Our black high density option is an excellent solution for an environmentally responsible and cost efficient approach. The HD natural liners are a great choice for food storage as they are made with USDA- and FDA- approved materials. HDPE works well for solid waste without sharp edges.

  • Perforated for easy dispensing
  • Saves storage space
  • Ideal for heavy, wet refuse
  • Holds up to extreme temperature
  • Odor and moisture barrier
  • Very high dart impact and tensile strength
Can Liners High Density Green Solution Hd

Green Solution HD

Our Green Solution bags are manufactured with recycled resin, offering the environmentally aware customer a strong, versatile liner.

  • Top quality post-consumer and post-industrial recycled resin
  • Assorted sizes for various uses
  • Furnished on coreless rolls
  • Excellent odor and moisture barrier
  • Very high dart impact and tensile strength

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