Precision Engineered Film

Our expertise and resources are at your disposal. Inteplast creates films for a comprehensive range of consumer and industrial uses. We have the capacity, knowledge, and experience to be your one-stop shop — from engineering and execution to on-time delivery to your facilities.

Engineered Films Engineered Films Industrial Films

Industrial Films

Inteplast’s films are formulated to application-specific characteristics and features for all industrial needs. From robust physical properties such as abrasion, elongation, or modulus to visual characteristics like gloss, matte finish, or bright UV whites, we can meet your requirements.

  • Puncture resistant
  • CoF (coefficient of friction) levels available for any application
Engineered Films Engineered Films Agricultural Packaging

Agricultural Films

Engineered for strength and durability, Inteplast’s agricultural films are optimized to provide the best physical properties, appearance, and processing ability. Our experience with printers, converters, and end users translates into added value, cost savings, and intrinsic benefits for you.

  • Mono and multilayer film formulations
  • Scuff-resistant, glossy surface
  • Premium sealant protects contents
  • Lamination films create an inner sealant layer
  • UV additives
Engineered Films Engineered Films Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Today’s food packaging must meet a growing number of criteria. Inteplast provides products that meet and exceed process and performance requirements. The demands of food packaging require the creation of films that not only hit the mark for aesthetics and functionality, but also meet stringent safety specifications.

  • High gloss surfaces
  • Matte finishes
  • Bright whites
  • Other specialty requirements such as MAP (modified atmospheric packaging)
Engineered Films Engineered Films Consumer Products

Consumer Products

These consumer films are made for the rigors of retail thanks to a carefully crafted formulation. Inteplast offers high gloss films with superior clarity that are FDA-approved for safe food handling.

  • Wicketed options
  • Barrier requirements
  • Temperature considerations