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Our films possess excellent strength, puncture resistance, and stretch performance. Clarity and quiet unwind enhance this film, which is available in one-sided cling and differential cling. Our offerings include films for high speed equipment and applications that require film to pre-stretch over 300%.

Stretch Films Machine Em Series


MegaStar machine film (EMB) is one of the films in our Engineered Ultra High Performance Film Series. This film is designed for all wrappers including the highest speed automatics.

  • A top-notch, quality rich film
  • Made from the newest and technologically advanced resins
  • Extruded from our newest lines in all our plants
  • Highest achievable stretch levels within the stretch film industry
  • Superior puncture resistance
  • Down-gauging capability
Stretch Films Machine El Series

LoadStar Plus

Inteplast’s AmTopp LoadStar Plus (ELB) is one of the films in our Engineered Ultra High Performance Film Series.  It has a premium resin formulation and can perform up to 300% on load stretch on various load profiles. It provides consistent performance at the lowest unit cost and also features a One Side Cling (OSC) skin package. It is perfect for any semi-automatic to high-speed automatic system.

  • Premium metallocene multi-layered structure
  • Excellent down-gauge film
  • Puncture- and tear-resistant
  • Best economic value
Stretch Films Machine Films Apex Am Series 1


Apex machine film (AM) is one of the films in our Engineered Ultra High Performance Film Series. Utilizing a base of leading Metallocene resins, Apex offers savings through superior performance. It is a very machine-friendly film that replaces thicker, obsolete films and has redefined the industry standard gauge. The AM series features a 1-Side Cling/1-Side No Cling skin package.

  • High clarity
  • Machine-friendly
Stretch Films Machine Eh Series


X-Treme machine film (EHB), one of the films in our High Performance Film Series, has superior strength and stretch for maximum load-holding force and minimum film usage. The film complements any automated operation environment with high-speed automatic stretch wrapping equipment. EH film has high clarity for bar code scanning at any stage of handling.

  • Superior load-holding force
  • 1-Side Cling / 1-Side No Cling Skin package
  • Outstanding puncture and tear resistance
  • Superb economical value
Stretch Films Machine Peak


Peak machine film (EPB) is one of the films from our Premium Value Film Series. Our film features One Side Cling (OSC). This cast, co-extruded film is excellent for use on semi-automatic and automatic wrappers.  The film can be used on all load types and in both hot and cold environments. This film is suitable for stretch bundling applications.

  • Performs up to 250% maximum pre-stretch
  • Excellent for use on conventional machinery on all load types
O Lock


O-LOCK machine film (EOB) is one of the films in our Premium Value Film Series. It is our most economically produced film for your machine film needs.

  • Designed to secure your load without over paying
  • Offsets the cost of using expensive films for less demanding applications
  • Use on new or older stretch wrap machines with lower prestretch and non-prestretch roll carriages
Stretch Films Machine Colorway Tinted

Color-Tinted Film

Our colored stretch film, part of our Specialty Film Series, can be used to quickly identify product loads via color-coding in storage or transportation. Color-tinted film is a great option for a variety of load shipments. We currently manufacture five transparent colored films, which allow the end user to quickly identify pallet loads during shipment or storage.

  • Be used to quickly identify product loads via color-coding
  • Select from blue, red, green, yellow, and black
  • Makes tampered loads quickly evident
Stretch Films Machine Films Uvi Eu Series

UVI Film

Inteplast’s UVI machine films, part of our Specialty Film Series, inhibit degradation caused by ultraviolet rays on product loads and can be used for mulch, brick, and other products that are stored outdoors. Inteplast also offers colored stretch film. Please contact us for inventory availability.

  • Inhibits degradation caused by ultraviolet rays
  • Can be used for products stored outdoors


TackMaster Film, one of the films in our Specialty Film Series, is engineered to utilize the newest tackifier to create a superior cling layer for securing film tails in cold or dusty wrapping environments.

  • Freezer film
  • Extremely aggressive inside cling layer package on this one-sided cling film

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