Graphic Arts

IntePro® corrugated plastic boards are ideal for indoor and outdoor graphic art signage. Popular applications include pole signs, yard signs, lawn decorations, seed signs, and POP displays.

Corrugated Boards Graphic Arts Ultrasmooth

IntePro® UltraSmooth™

IntePro® UltraSmooth™ improves the surface roughness, Ra value, of regular corrugated PP boards in the industry, this product offers superb quality on all digital flatbed printers.

  • UltraSmooth™ offers superior surface quality and smoothness for direct printing
  • It also allows for higher output and requires lower ink consumption
  • Ribs are less visible after printing
Corrugated Boards Graphic Arts Superclear

IntePro® Translucent

IntePro® Translucent substantially enhances the transparency of the board. It is perfect for backlighting or any prints needed to be visible on both sides.

  • Translucent grade substantially enhances the sheet’s transparency
  • It is perfect for backlighting and double-sided print applications

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