IntePro® isn’t just for signage. Reusable packaging options include a variety of boxes, picking totes, and produce boxes. For construction applications corrugated plastic has been used for retainer walls, hurricane panels, and architectural panels.

Corrugated Boards Packaging Intepro Titan 1

IntePro® TITAN

A unique multilayer board that is remarkably lightweight yet exceptionally rigid and impact resistant. It is made with solid polypropylene outer layers and a dimensional core for added strength and stability. No adhesives are used as it has thermally bonded outer layers and core materials.

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • 100% recyclable polypropylene
  • Easy to cut and fabricate
  • IntePro TITAN Video
Corrugated Boards Packaging Material Handling

Material Handling

IntePro® can be utilized for a variety of material handling applications. Our boxes have been used by veneer, stone, and brick companies.

  • Durable
  • Our waterproof corrugated plastic can be stored outside
Corrugated Boards Packaging Produce Boxes

Produce Boxes

IntePro® boards are ideal for agricultural packaging and storage.

  • They are cheaper to ship and store
  • Easier usage and handling
Corrugated Boards Packaging Converting


IntePro® can be converted by a variety of methods.

  • Our boards are easy to heat seal and die cut
  • The boards can also be glued, scored, and sonic welded
Corrugated Boards Packaging Lamination


IntePro® can be laminated with many different substrates.

  • Metal, wood, carpet, and other plastics can be laminated to our boards
  • They can also be used for architectural and automotive panels
Corrugated Boards Packaging Construction 1


IntePro® has been used successfully for a variety of construction applications.

  • Heavier gauge boards are often used for retainer walls, roof and wall battens, and hurricane storm panels
  • IntePro® boards can be used for soil retention next to foundations

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