Bag Liners and Chub Packaging

IntePlus® XF bag liners are strong enough to prevent breakage and provide the security needed for special applications. The USDA has approved IntePlus® as the multi-wall paper bag liner for the World Aid programs. We also offer commercial explosives industries the strongest packaging film.

Xf Bag Liner And Chub Ml Film

IntePlus® XF-ML Film

IntePlus® XF Multiwall Bag Liner Film is designed to be used as a liner of multiwall paper bags. It can be used alone for different types of plastic shipping sacks, such as valve bags, OMB (open mouth bags) and FFS (Form-Fill-and-Seal) tubing. Approved as USDA’s bag liners for World Aid, this film is made for heavy duty shipping.

  • Reduces bag breakage rate
  • Strong, tough, and puncture resistant
  • Excellent heat sealability
  • Reduces gauge requirement by 2/3 versus regular LDPE film
Xf Bag Liner And Chub Ec Film

IntePlus® XF-EC Film

IntePlus® XF Explosive Chub Film is used for chub packaging and encases high viscosity foods, caulks, sealants, explosives, and more. This waterproof film’s mechanical properties ensure every chub is sealed and clipped tightly during packaging.

  • Gauge available from 5.3 mil to 10.5 mil
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant
  • High conformability gives good forming
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Works well on most chub packaging machines (ex. Kartridgepak and Chubmaster)