Industrial Wraps

IntePlus® XF Industrial Wrap provides moisture, puncture, and tear resistance that meets or exceeds the performance of other packaging or wrap films. It performs in extreme temperatures (-40°F to 180°F) and has been widely used for heavy-duty lumber wrap, furniture packaging, and metal components.

Xf Industrial Fw Film

IntePlus® XF-FW Film

IntePlus® XF Furniture Wrap film is designed for furniture, mattress, and carpet industries as protection against post-manufacturing damage and excessive handling. It resists tearing and abrasions and is suitable for automatic heat-seal wrapping machines.

  • High tensile yield
  • Fully compatible with all standard industrial sealing machines
  • Wide heat-seal window
  • Three-vent perforation
  • Water resistant and antimicrobial
Xf Industrial Mw Film

IntePlus® XF-MW Film

IntePlus® XF Metal Wrap film is twice as strong as standard polyethylene material of the same thickness. It is ideal for heavy or irregularly shaped items, including metal parts, machines, steel, and coil sheets. An optional VCI additive layer prevents rust and corrosion of metal to protect products such as metal sheets, machinery, and cable wheels.

  • Stronger than standard polyethylene material in same thickness
  • Odorless, non-toxic, and recyclable
  • Heat-sealable is available
Xf Industrial Bw Film 1

IntePlus® XF-BW Film

IntePlus® XF Bale Wrap Film is a very strong and stiff cross-laminated film for packing synthetic fiber and cottons or hay. Made with solid polyethylene, it does not peel or shred like PP woven material and is a superior wrapping material used on the Lummus and Autefa packing machines at polyester fiber plants.

  • Ensures high puncture resistance on every type of round or square bale
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Convenient bale transport
Xf Industrial Gw Film

IntePlus® XF-GW Film

IntePlus® XF General Wrap film is top-notch tough and utilized for applications when puncturing, tearing, and tensile strength are major concerns. This protective wrapping has strong, balanced tear and tensile strength in the machine and transverse directions.

  • Use for industrial wrapping, fabric/textile protection, and more
  • Container or tank liner
  • Excellent water vapor barrier properties
  • Wide heat seal window is available
Xf Industrial Lw Film

IntePlus® XF-LW Film

IntePlus® XF Lumber Wrap, an opaque cross-laminated film, has a black interior that blocks the sun’s UVI rays, prevents heat buildup, and condensation from staining the wood. Its white exterior reflects the sunlight and provides a clear surface for printing.

  • Withstands temperatures of -40°F to 180°F
  • Compatible with industrial wrapping machines
  • Unprinted up to 180” wide; printed with up to 6 colors at 130” wide max
  • For softwood and hardwood lumber, plywood, beams, and more
Xf Industrial Pw Film

IntePlus® XF-PW Film

IntePlus® XF Pipe Wrap is a high density polyethylene based film designed as the corrosion control encasement for ductile-iron pipe systems. It is available as folded film or gusseted tubing and can be used in mining, agricultural, and foodservice piping.

  • Applicable on wet/dry surfaces
  • Superior tear and puncture resistance
  • High burst strength
  • Tolerates extreme temperatures (-70°F to +200°F)
  • Meets ASNI/AWWA C105/A21.5 American National Standards