Covers and Tarpaulins

IntePlus® XF Film is used in agricultural applications because of its durability. It is used widely used by leading converters who manufacture grain storage, cotton module covers, hay bale covers, and irrigation trench covers.

Xf Cover And Tarpaulin Cc Film

IntePlus® XF-CC Film

IntePlus® XF-CC Film is puncture resistant and ideal for covers and tarps. It can be produced with different levels of UV inhibitors for outdoor exposure. This film is used for grain and silage storage, vehicle and boat tarpaulin, swimming pool, machine, cargo, irrigation trench, and cotton module covers.

  • Unaffected by high UV radiation
  • The one-piece cover requires NO sealing or taping up to a width of 180” or with seam up to 360”
  • Water and rot resistant
  • Protects against dirt and dust