Construction Films

IntePlus® XF Construction Film is rugged enough to perform in almost any environment (from -40°F to 180°F). It has been used in landfill liners, impoundments, and mining sites. Laminate it with other substrates for high-performance environmental liners.

Xf Construction Wp Film

IntePlus® XF-WP Film

IntePlus® XF Waterproofing film is used to laminate with modified asphalt and release liner as a waterproofing product. Applications include: roof underlayment carrier; below grade membrane carrier; ice and water shield membrane; door/window flashing tape; mason flashing.

  • Resistant to puncture, pressing, rubbing, and tearing
  • Performs despite low temperature, corrosion, mildew, or weathering
  • Low shrinkage in high temperature
  • High tensile meets spec requirements


Xf Construction Vr Film

IntePlus® XF-VR Film

IntePlus® XF Vapor Retarder Film inhibits moisture migration through concrete, slabs-on-grade, or concrete walls. With its high tensile strength and puncture resistance, this film can be used as a vapor barrier in ceilings, roofs, and is sure to withstand a construction site’s severe conditions.

  • Low water vapor transmission rate
  • Resistance to chemical or environmental attack

Meets ASTM E 1745 specifications

Xf Construction Pl Film

IntePlus® XF-PL Film

Our easy-to-install IntePlus® XF Pond Liner Film is widely used in the agricultural and geomembrane fields and can be applied alone or laminated with geotextiles. Durable enough to last 20 years, environmental landscaping plans (ponds or golf lake liners, for example) won’t be compromised.

  • Polyethylene is stiffer than other materials for this application
  • Safe for fish and plant life
  • Withstands temperatures from 180°F to -40°F
  • UV stable
  • Inexpensive