Undersiding and RV Films

Undersiding and RV Films

IntePlus® XF Film is a top choice for mobile home and RV industry leaders. With its vapor barrier properties and cross-laminated strength, this easy-to-install film does not peel, shred, or break. Our patented process ensures tensile strength that eliminates the small tears and holes that lead to big repair jobs.

Vapor Resistant

IntePlus® is a solid, continuous film with low moisture vapor transmission. Unlike woven materials, it offers maximum protection against water that damages walls and floors or encourages mold growth.

A Tougher Film

IntePlus® is cross-laminated and produced from multiple plies of specially formulated, coextruded polyethylene films that are laminated at opposing angles.

Easy Installation

IntePlus® is sturdy enough to withstand the constant traffic from workmen during the installation of wiring, plumbing, and insulation.

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